Wishing You a Happy New Year
Dec. 15, 2020

we probably all wish for normal training conditions again. May 2021 bring the turning point and put Corona in its place.

In any case we look forward to the new year, and hope to see as many of you as possible on the Herzogenhorn again. The registration has already started. Deadline is: January 15, 2021.

Also, please do not forget to pay your annual twa membership fee no later than January 31. By indicating your full name with membership number !

Merry Christmas and see you again in the New Year, - healthy and well

Tendokan (Birgit)

First activities after the break
Sept. 24, 2020

by Christiane Weber

A big thank you!

For us from Großhadern (club in Munich) it was clear: As soon as Aikido is allowed again in Bavaria, we will thank everyone with a seminar! The first call was to Robert Hundshammer from Deggendorf, who agreed spontaneously and without hesitation.

Herzohenhorn 2021 - Information
Sept. 5, 2020

Robert Hundshammer, Volker Marczona, Michael Wefers, Axel Bergemann and Benjamin Nitsche wish to inform you about the changes that will come into effect under the new direction of the Herzogenhorn Center.

In Memory of Masanori Takahashi
July 29, 2020

We would like to inform you that Mr. Masanori Takahashi passed away on July 25th 2020, after a long fight against cancer. Mr. Takahashi was supporting the Tendokan for over 30 years. He is one part of Tendokan's history.

It is so sad, he was such a great person.

May he find comfort and peace.

Tendokan (Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu)

Another step on the way...
May 18, 2020

Congratulation to all who got graded by Sensei and Waka-Sensei on one of the seminars in spring 2020, in Schopfheim, Berlin or Novi Sad.

We wish you endurance during these difficult times, when you may have no dojo available or no partner for training.

But don‘t forget: Aikido is not only practiced on the tatami.

Birgit (Tendokan)

April 26, 2020
April 14, 2020

Dear Aikidoka,

Europe is in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, and on many fronts, extending to the private and professional environment, you are currently involved in the effects of the fight against the spread of the virus.

Sadly, this also means that we have to deal with the question whether the summer courses with Shimizu Sensei will be possible at all, as a result of the current travel restrictions and contact bans. The Herzogenhorn Training Center is currently closed until May 8th, 2020. What will happen after that date, is not yet evident and depends on further developments.

We agree with Shimizu Sensei and the Herzogenhorn that we will continue to monitor developments in April so that we can make an informed decision at the beginning of May.

Until then, as organizers of the seminars at Herzogenhorn, we have the following request:

If you have not yet registered, but would like to participate, if the implementation should be possible, then please register your interest with us now or as soon as possible.

Conversely, the following applies: anyone who has already registered but can no longer participate as a result of the development of the pandemic, even if the course should take place, should also contact us now or as soon as possible.

We need this information to be able to make a well-informed decision that takes account of the complexity of the situation, and ask for your understanding and support.

50 Years of Tendoryu Aikido - Review
Feb. 14, 2020

Last year in October 2019 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Tendokan by a seminar at Kannon Onsen, Izu and a reception at the Happoen, Tokyo.

There are two short videos for all who would like to remember again, or who would have liked to participate, but were not able to come or for those who are just is curious.

Now - the first 50 years belong already to the past and we are looking forward to the time ahead of us.

Kangeiko 2020 -  the winter training week
Feb. 5, 2020

by Yvonne Pfeiffer

Kangeiko 2020, means winter training at the Tendokan from Jan. 13. - 19. and is a challenge for the aikidokas to practice one week continuously each early morning from 6:30 - 7:15. I felt the value of participation.