NPO (Non-Profit-Organisation) tendo world aikido

I. What is the meaning of NPO?

It is a non-profit-making corporation that is allowed to perform activities serving the public which are, prescribed by law. In case of the NPO tendo world aikido there are following fields: 1. Promotion and spreading of culture and sports. 2. Physicaly and psycologicaly health education of children and adolescents, health improvement of the general public. 3. International exchange, training of the international members.

non-profit-making = The money gained by above mentioned activities will be returned to the activities of the members. A group of as many as possible people should profit from the organization, not only a specific target group. Profit not only in the sense of economic aspects, but in achieving mental and physical progress.

A public corporation is a legal unit, which gives responsibility and property not only one single person, but a legal organization.

II. Specific avtivities (examples)

  1. Organization of activities e.g. international seminars
  2. Publishing of books, info material and other media
  3. Support of the central dojo (Tendokan)

III. Members of the commitee

chairman Kenji Shimizu
executive commitee Ikko Sasaki, Sato Mashiba
representatives Lehrerschaft des Tendokans und andere Mitglieder, insges. 11 Personen
auditors Tsutomu Ishino, Yoshio Takahashi
secretary Koichi Watanabe

IV. Highest decision making authority

(a small group within the organization which decides about the most important matters)

Annual general meeting: every year in March

Basic duties:

  • Discussion and acceptance of last year's balance sheet and fiscal planning for the coming year
  • Discussion of last year's activities and deciding on a plan for this year's activities
  • Authority to change the rules of the organization
  • Authority to appoint the comitee members

The comitee is composed of the persons mentioned under item No. III.

V. Obligations to the government authorities

Once a year the books must be agreed and an annual report on the activities that took place submitted to the Japanese government authorities.

VI. Registered organisation

Tokyo 20. year number 893
registered: September 8, 2008

VII. Advantages of twa membership

  • only members are eligible to be awarded a Tendoryu grading
  • no admission fee for training at Tendokan
  • and reduction of the training fee at Tendokan