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Information on twa (NPO tendo world aikido)

We hope following answers will help you understand the twa better. Further information you can find under NPO.

Why has the twa been established?

The twa is an organization to provide one platform for all Tendoryu aikidoka worldwide. The organizational framework is being devised and administrated, which is important for all dojos and facilitates co-operation. In particularly promoting the Tendoryu aikido, the dojos and their respective teachers.

What is the meaning of NPO?

In addition to the Tendokan in Tokyo - the main dojo of Shimizu Sensei - there is the NPO tendo world aikido since 2009. NPO means non profit organisation, whose object is the support and promotion of Tendoryu aikido, and not the realization of profit.

Reasons to become a member:

  • I am practicing Tendoryu aikido.
  • I want to become a member of the Tendoryu community and express this by my membership.
  • I want to be graded according to my personal progress and achive worldwide accepted Kyu- and Dangrades in Tendoryu aikido.
  • In addition to the training in my home dojo I want to support and be supported:
    • regular seminars under the guidance of Shimizu Sensei and Waka Sensei,
    • reduction of seminar fees,
    • advantageous conditions to support your stay in Japan for training at Tendokan.

How to become a member?

  • The application form can be downloaded from the internet.
  • Complete the application form on the computer (Exel) - print out - sign - and if you haven't pasted already a scanned potrait picture glue on a potrait picture.
  • Scan this application - send by email and by regular mail - together with 2 portrait pictures (for the member pass and seminar report). Addressed to the representative of your area: see Become a Member.
  • After the confirmation by twa please transfer the yearly membership fee.

How much is the membership fee?

Yearly fee:

youth 14-18 years 12 Euro (1500 Yen)
adults 18 years and abovekyu grades24 Euro (3000 Yen)
 dan grades48 Euro (6000 Yen)

The yearly membership fee is to be paid until 31st January of the particular year onto following account:

Paying in Euro:

NPO Tendo World Aikido

Mizuho Bank Ltd.- Filiale Düsseldorf
BLZ (Sort Code): 30020700
Kontonummer: 3116033000
IBAN No.: DE93300207003116033000

Paying in Japanese Yen:

tendo world aikido
Mizuho Bank - Setagaya Branch
Bank code: 0212
Account no.: 1207705
Swift code: MHCBJPJT

How can I cancel the membership?

  • You can cancel the membership by a short notice sent to Tendokan.
  • If the membership fee is not being paid until 31.January of the following year, the membership will be automatically cancelled.