Herzohenhorn 2021 - Information
Herzohenhorn 2021 - Information
Sept. 5, 2020

Robert Hundshammer, Volker Marczona, Michael Wefers, Axel Bergemann and Benjamin Nitsche wish to inform you about the changes that will come into effect under the new direction of the Herzogenhorn Center.

Dear Aikidoka,

The strong development of Tendoryu Aikido in Germany / Europe is inextricibly linked with the seminars at the Herzogenhorn taking place since the mid-80s. It is a unique opportunity to fully focus on Aikido for a full week under the guidance of Shimizu Sensei and Waka Sensei. Train intensively with advanced students from other Dojos and discuss things all around Aikido - other topics are allowed as well - between trainings sessions. Enjoy cheerful social gatherings, make friends and experience nature at its best in the heart of the Black Forrest. Do not hesitate with your registration - the early bird catches the worm.

To ensure that things can stay this way in the future, we will have to “cope” with new framework conditions of the Herzogenhorn intensive training center starting from 2021:

  1. Rooms are only offered with full board
  2. The booking is exclusively offered from Saturday to Saturday

Unfortunately, we cannot change those framework conditions - we are aware that they will lead to higher costs (approx. € 100) for accommodation and that this may have an impact on the number of participants. Therefore we have to “expect” a third point from you - in order to be able to return reserved contingents in good time:

  1. The registrations for the Herzogenhorn must be received by January 15th, 2021 at the latest.

The protection of the volunteer organizers from not insignificant cancellation costs must be handeled. This issue did not arise in the past because the courses with Sensei have grown in popularity over the years and were usually very well attended with 100 - 120 participants for both weeks. The corona situation is now also forcing the intensive training center to improve its earnings situation in the long term. We assure you that we will work out an attractive program for the additional day and that the time at the Herzogenhorn will be even more intense than before.

The invitation will be published promptly - please refer to it for information on the registration procedure and the cancellation conditions. We ask all interested Aikidoka to assign highest priority for planning their vacation and appointmentS for next year - without you everything is nothing!

Robert Hundshammer; Volker Marczona, Michael Wefers, Axel Bergemann und Benjamin NItsche