Turn Of The Year
Dec. 21, 2015

Shimizu Kenji

The end of the year is drawing closer.

And I suppose, that you, my dear fellows of Tendoryu aikido are busy in one way or another.

Looking back on this year, I feel a big progress with everybody of you mentally-physically as well as technically.

And I wish the coming year will become even greater.

Group picture
Dec. 2, 2015

For all who participated and all who wanted to come.

  1. tendo world seminar - October 16.-19.2015 Kannon Onsen - Shimoda/Japan
After the 3. tendo world seminar
Nov. 19, 2015

by Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu

I want to express my gratitude to all people who came to Japan for participating in the 3. tendo world seminar.

Thanks to you we could spend four wonderful days together.

This time I felt very intensive interaction among the students of all countries. Maybe it was the most intensive up to now.

We started preparing for the seminar about one and a half years ago.

I remember promoting this seminar each time when I was abroad, also to make sure many of you will come.

Due to the seminar you have learned about Japan, but you are also welcomed to visit Japan next time during another season.

And I would be glad if you'd convey the virtues of Japan also to your friends who don't know yet about Japan.

I wish for the future, the exchange with the Tendoryu clubs from all over the world will grow and strengthen even more.

Young visitors from Vladivostok
Sept. 7, 2015

Trip to Tendokan, 7-19th July 2015 by Vitaly Chistiakov

It was my first trip to Tendokan with a group of 2 adults and 6 young people (13-17 age) who practice aikido in Vladivostok. I decided to bring teenagers to let them see how seriously Japanese people practice in Tendokan.

3rd Tendo World Seminar
May 24, 2015

The guiding theme for the 3rd Tendo World Seminar will be migrant birds.

Shimizu Sensei often talks about the fact that migrant birds even cross the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalya on their way.

They use the natural current and the ascending force to travel several ten thousands of kilometers.

Becoming one with nature and moving towards a target is comparable to the aikido spirit.

The migrant birds chosen for the motif are cranes, the national birds of Japan .

Registration for the 3. Tendo World seminar is possible until end of July.

From a Mexican Point of View
April 21, 2015

by Lorena Fortolis

Lorena has her own dojo in Tlalpan – Mexiko City. She and Juan Carlos spent two weeks in Tokyo - just during the cherry blossom season

3rd Tendo World Seminar October 16.-19. 2015 - registration
Feb. 28, 2015

The Kannon Onsen hotel is located in the South of the Izu Peninsular. Remote from everyday life, inmidst green mountains and equipped with a spacious dojo.

Perfect conditions to calm down and open yourself for new things. – We will practice together, enjoy freshly prepared Japanese food and relax in the hot spring.

First visit to Japan
Feb. 4, 2015

by Pieter Munnecom

Early November 2014, we as 4 friends practicing Aikido in Holland & Belgium under Jos Vanroy & Ludo Peters, spend one week at the Tendokan in Tokyo.

After an exhausting travel of 25 hours we attended the first training a few hours later. The warm welcome was amazing.

The whole week was extremely inspiring. The staff & practitioners are very helpful and friendly.

It was just a very intense experience, for sure we will do it again.

If you consider on going to practice in the Tendokan, just do it.

Japan is fantastic...

twa 2015
Jan. 23, 2015

Thank you very much to all who did not forget to state their names and membership numbers when doing the transaction of the yearly membership fee - it is a simple way to avoid mismatches.

Those who have not paid yet will do it please until January 31st.

This year will again provide everybody of us with plenty of chances to develop, and in autumn the opportunity to train and exchange with like-minded people from all over the world.

We, the members of Tendokan are already looking forward to the 3rd tendo world seminar from October 16.-19. 2015

Tendokan (Birgit)

Jan. 4, 2015

by Shimizu Kenji

Dear Tendoryu Aikido Members,

we are facing a very special year. It is because in October we will have our 3rd Tendo World Seminar. This event has been set up to create bonds of friendship between the Japanese members and the Tendoryu members worldwide - and to strengthen them. It is also an opportunity to directly impart the ideas and mentality of the Tendoryu Aikido. Which will result in an improved understanding and better techniques.

I would be pleased to welcome you here in Japan. Details will be released shortly.

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Shimizu Kenji