11 x 1 = Tendoryu in Winter Wonderland
Dec. 20, 2021

A Completely Different Herzogenhorn-Seminar 2021

First things first: In spite of high corona incident rates in Europe none of the 40 brave participants from 6 countries got infected. Maybe they had thoughts like these driving to the 2021 Herzogenhorn-surrogate-seminar without Sensei: Will I get infected or infect others? Will I find my car after the snowstorm? How do I get downhill in deep snow? How will it be, this winter-Horn and will we all get warehouse-fever? Yes – it was completely different to what we have been used to – but great in its own way – have a look:

Safe the Date - Herzogenhorn 2022
Dec. 17, 2021

Dear Aikidoka,

twice, in the years 2020 and 2021, the traditional seminar on the Herzogenhorn had to be cancelled due to corona. Although the pandemic situation is still present, we are planning the 2022 Herzogenhorn seminar.

The first week will be from 25th of june until the 2nd of july, the second week from the 2nd until the 9th of july - please note, that both weeks are saturday to saturday. The official invitation will follow shortly.

Due the corona-situation the Herzogenhorn-Crew made some concessions about the deadlines, but we are also very late. Therefore the period to register will end in the middle of february. We would like to ask you to promote the seminar in your groups - only if we can fill both weeks the Herzogenhorn 2022 will take place.

Best regards from the Herzogenhorn-Orgateam

Aug. 30, 2021

The corona virus is stilll having a big influence on our lives. But we hope that all of you have found a way to continue practicing or at least stay mentally in touch with aikido.

Just recently the members of the Seiunkan Dojo in Novi Sad (Serbia) have gathered to celebrate an anniversary. The Seiunkan was founded 18 years ago by Milan Velickovic and inspite of various obstacles they have not given up, but have kept going on with their training. Congratulations.

We wish for all Tendoyu members perseverance to continue on the path you have chosen.

With best regards from the Tendokan Birgit

July 20, 2021