Back at Kannon Onsen
Oct. 30, 2022

by Marcus Titze

After a three-year break, a seminar finally took place again in Kannon Onsen, but with a few small changes. This time, the journey was self-organised and there was more time for bathing and conversation between the five training sessions. Techniques were assigned by lot to each room, which were then prepared by the group and presented in a small demonstration at the end, with Kensho-kun and Wakasensei as the highlight.

Kannon Onsen, October 15-17, 2022
Aug. 9, 2022

This year we will be going to Kannon Onsen again.

Three days and two nights filled with training, exchange of ideas, good food and bathing in hot springs. A trip to Japan is still subject to certain restrictions (for details contact the Japanese Embassy or travel agency), but whoever wants to risk it is very welcome.

Information and registration: Tendokan [email protected]

The Summer Courses with Dojocho Kenta Shimizu
Aug. 8, 2022

After a long break there was a reunion with Dojocho Kenta Shimizu in June/July. This time the still ongoing pandemic demanded a lot of improvisation talent from the organizers, but both courses could be held successfully.

Congratulations to the new graduates :

Aikido: »War and Peace«
April 10, 2022

Ambrož Karlovšek, Sevnica / Slovenia

While watching the war atrocities I remembered a saying that I came across somewhere a long time ago.

Morihei Ueshiba apparently once stated: »If everyone practiced aikido, the world would be a better place.«

I was not fully aware of the meaning of these words back then. Sometimes, when we hear something in our youth, this content is written deep into one's heart. It maybe resurfaces when a certain event occurs, many years later.

There are seminars again - Marco in Munich
April 1, 2022

by Christian Ruess

"Aikidoka need flexibility and strength" said Marco Gutmann at the first Tendoryu Aikido course 2022 in Munich. "Both in the right balance to each other is absolutely essential to avoid injuries." Numerous Aikidoka made their way to Munich-Sendling to then experience under Marco's guidance a, to the surprise, Hakama free start of the course.

From Mexico to Herzogenhorn (Part 2)
Jan. 15, 2022

by Juan Carlos Peña

“Herzogenhorn” Hearing this name immediately leads me to smile internally. One of the best trips in my life, despite I was’t very enthusiastic about it. The economic impact of the Covid pandemic made me have serious doubts about the convenience of having this trip. Lorena insisted and convinced me to participate in the Herzogenhorn seminar. How I appreciate she did it!

From Mexico to Herzogenhorn (Part 1)
Jan. 8, 2022

by Lorena Fortolis

In Mexico, there is a saying, "You know who people are when times are tough." The Herzogenhorn seminar took place in challenging conditions for everyone, especially the organizers. They were always an example of commitment to continue, keeping the flame alive, and above all, an example of kindness and generosity. Marco and Christiane, thank you for opening your houses to us and showing us how beautiful your country and its people can be.