First activities after the break
First activities after the break
Sept. 24, 2020

by Christiane Weber

A big thank you!

For us from Großhadern (club in Munich) it was clear: As soon as Aikido is allowed again in Bavaria, we will thank everyone with a seminar! The first call was to Robert Hundshammer from Deggendorf, who agreed spontaneously and without hesitation.

It has taken longer than expected. So it was only on September 12th and 13th that we were able to find a suitable date that allowed us to do this balancing act between training together and adhering to all the rules of the hygiene regulations. What's left of the weekend? A thoroughly good feeling - it was worth the effort.

More than 30 participants came from seven different dojos: In addition to participants from Deggendorf, came participants from Ismaning, Starnberg, Landshut, Planegg, FTM Munich & of course the TSV Großhadern was represented in large numbers. The aikidoka were divided into groups beforehand; each group had an assigned place in the stands and their own areas on the mat. So there was only physical contact between a maximum of 6 people. Of course, our large dojo came was an advantage, there was enough space between the aikidoka . Of course there was a strange feeling about it, also for Robert. He was allowed to touch six students and take them as Uke, all others were taboo. For the Ukes it was quite a sweaty experience with Randori and Kokyu-Nage.

During the training, Robert often spoke of motivation that he would like to give us: Motivation to stick with it, not to give up despite adversity and to keep going. When I looked around in the faces after the class, I thought: yes, he succeeded 100%. Everyone was beaming with joy. Filled with energy we went home on Sunday.

So our thanks go to all those who did not give up, who stuck with it, and had the courage to start again with small steps after the time without training. Thanks also to the many helpers who supported the planning beforehand and who were there as always and brought the dojo to life.

I would like to save a very special thank you for Robert, who has been loyal to us for many years and always supported us with advice and action and gave us such a great seminar.