Kangeiko 2020 -  the winter training week
Kangeiko 2020 -  the winter training week
Feb. 5, 2020

by Yvonne Pfeiffer

Kangeiko 2020, means winter training at the Tendokan from Jan. 13. - 19. and is a challenge for the aikidokas to practice one week continuously each early morning from 6:30 - 7:15. I felt the value of participation.

So I plan accordingly. Prepare myself and organize the beginning of the day. I get ready, engage and defeat myself each day afresh, to be able to persevere.

This week I understand how precious the training under Sensei and Wakasensei is - each day training, each day new knowledge. For me, who had visited from Germany, the Kangeiko offers many revelations.

I train under a direct disciple of the founder of aikido. Actually I have known and heard this for many times over the last 30 years. But it is only now that it has reach my consciousness. I do not know why it has happened right now. But I am very happy, that it has happened.

Now I can compare participating in a seminar three times a year with the possibility to practice every day in the Tendokan. Being here  I do not have to travel to some place, I already have arrived to experience directly Tendoryu Aikido. All is closer and original.

I realize the treasure of knowledge and movement that are offered, and the luck of being able to practice directly at the origin of Tendoryu aikido. The kangeiko at the beginning of the year offers you the  opportunity to realize all this afresh.

You will remember your energy, recharge and practice regularly again. For this I have found some words from Shimizu Sensei:

Do not rush, do no get bored, do not stop, one step after the other , continuity gives you strength.