Visiting the Kannon Onsen – Aikido at a very special place
Visiting the Kannon Onsen – Aikido at a very special place
Dec. 16, 2014
A family growing together – the Tendoryu Family

by Bodo-Klaus Eidmann – Munich / TSV Grosshadern

Solid wood, stone from the mountains,wonderful air and healing water! When you love nature you will find pure budo luxury at the Kannon Onsen. The bus takes 3 to 4 hours along the coastal road from lively Tokyo to tranquil Kannon Onsen on the Izu peninsular. Shortly before the destination the participants transfer into smaller buses, because the road is just too small for big coaches.

The Kannon Onsen lies in midst the mountains, surrounded by unspoilt nature.About 40 degrees hot spring water shoots directly from the ground and is used not only for bathing, cooking and drinking – rather it accredited with curative effects due to its considerably increased ph-value . That is why it is also exported worldwide.

It is impossible to write about all impressions and experiences of the participants at this year‘s Kannon Onsen seminar. But I will try to describe some special impressions. The rooms are typically Japanese style, equipped with with sliding doors, futon etc. – and there is a seperate bath tub with hot spring water. Food is taken together with the group in a separated room – fish, tofu, miso – all Japanese products most of them from the region. Training takes place in a bright and airy hall, where is plenty of space. The atmosphere is somewhat different to the one in the Tendokan Hanbu Dojo in Tokyo, but equally intensive. This shows also at the enbukai performance of the Tendokan Dojo. The participants of dojos from Japan, Russia, Germany and Guatemala showed their skills – concentrated and relaxed. Following the barbeque in the open where you get to know each other better there was a party! When Tendoryu members from all over the world gather you can see the Tendoryu family is growing together, more and more- cross all nations, languages and cultural habits.

Dr. Wolfgang Henry:

The isolation of this place and the atmosphere of a traditional ryokan create a special concentration to practise aikido.

Bodo-Klaus Eidmann:

Cordiality, thoughtfulness and intensive practise go hand in hand – at this very special place! The Tendoryu aikido family meets here and is growing together closer and closer.

Gudrun Bratu:

No matter whether Euopean, Japanese or American, our bodies speak the same language when we practice together – Tendoryu Aikido.

Apere Atama:

The experience in the group was overwhelmingly

Angela Brodschelm:

The organisation of the weekend and the training was perfect. The hostpitality we have experienced was overwhelmingly – I am very happy to be a part of the Tendoryu community.

**Christiane Weber: **

When I was a beginner I had a goal: I dreamt about a seminar with Shimizu sensei. My next big wish was participating at the Herzogenhorn seminar.. Then I wanted some day to travel to far away Japan to pracitse at the Tendokan and participate at the Kannon Onsen weekend. This path took me ten years and taught me that again I am a beginner again at the bottom level. I am looking forward to the next step.