Visitors from Vladivostok (part 2) - Tatiana Savelova
Visitors from Vladivostok (part 2) - Tatiana Savelova
June 5, 2014

In April 2014 two ladies from Russia visited the Tendokan and trained intensively – one whole month. Here you can read about their impressions.

part 2: Tatiana Savelova

This year I got the lucky chance to visit Japan that is mainly the Tendokan of Tendoryu Aikido.

That short piece of my life became the most important, lively and replete one in the last four years.

Before the trip I had a lot of doubts and questions… What is lying ahead us? Will we be admitted to Tendokan? Will I be able to follow the training? However, I gained confidence in the success and was going to do my best.

Eventually everything in this trip was really great!

Tendokan is a terrific place, it has strong good energy. The outside world with its problems, all negative experiences is completely forgotten in the dojo. Tendokan reminds me of the homecoming, returning to the very beginnings. There is only Aikido - perfection of spirit and body.

Let me express my deepest respect to Shimizu Sensei and everyone who supports and develops the Tendokan. Thanks to all who were teaching us and practicing with us every day for a month!

Tatiana Savelova