twa 2014
twa 2014
Dec. 14, 2013

The new year comes closer and we would like to remember you not to forget paying the yearly fee 2014 – until 2014 January 31.

And to avoid mistakes don’t forget to state the member name, membership number and the membership year (e.g. twa 2014).

In case you do not have a membership number yet, write instead the dojo name.

NPO Tendo World Aikido
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.- Filiale Duesseldorf
BLZ (Sort Code): 300 20 700 (no longer necessary)
Account no: 3116033000 (no longer necessary)
IBAN No.: DE93300207003116033000
Yearly fee 2014
youth 14-18 years 12 Euro
adults 18 years above kyu grades 24 Euro
dan grades 48 Euro