New twa membership passes
New twa membership passes
Sept. 19, 2013

There are new twa passes.

They are somewhat darker in color, much thicker and the seminar reports are integrated into the booklet.

  • There is no change in the organisation nor in the twa membership system. Only the layout of the pass has been designed newly and extra functions have been added. Which means: ** all new members will get the new pass automatically ** to keep time, effort and expenses low (all twa representatives are volunteers) passes are handed out generally on seminars. ** the old passes will stay valid (provided there is a valid yearly stamp)
  • Holders of old passes who wish to get a new one, please contact your local twa representative. An informal application with passport photograph will be sufficient. The passes will be handed out generally in the coming year.
  • All holders of a teaching license should obtain a new pass, as the validity of the license with its respective extensions (every 3 years) will be approved in the pass by Shimizu Sensei. It is in the responsibility of each license holder to take care of it.