Training in the Tendokan - April 2013
Training in the Tendokan - April 2013
May 2, 2013

by Vitaly Chistyakov - Vladivostok

It was a short term trip to Tendokan. My aikido student Andrey and I were staying in Tokyo for a week.

We were practicing intensive keiko in Tendokan every day. It was a very valuable time for me, because every time I go to Tendokan, I feel loaded of Tendoryu spirit that I can pass to my Russian aikido students when I come back to Vladivostok.

I like Tendokan’s spirit because all keiko are very intensive and concentrated in dojo and Japanese aikido people are very kind to each other and to us. Sometimes I am jealous of Tendokan people, as they can practice under Shimizu sensei any time. It was very surprising and pleasant for us to have a farewell party in the dojo with Shimizu sensei and other Tendokan people after our last keiko.

I would like to express a lot of respect and thanks to Shimizu Sensei, Wakasensei Kenta and other Tendokan people for giving us a good reception, teaching and helping to understand Tendoryu aikido.