March 2013 in Europe
March 2013 in Europe
April 6, 2013

Shimizu Sensei and Wakasensei Kenta have safely returned to Japan, where they taught in Maribor - Belgrade - Berlin and Munich. At the end of each seminar there have been some graduations.

Aikido is no competitive sport. We cannot win any cups. It is budo and first and foremost a struggle with oneself to overcome one’s weakness. Gradings are an indication that we are on the right path with our efforts.

Congratulations to:

4. Dan Günter Karger (Germany) Erwin van der Beek (Netherlands) Milan Velickovic (Serbia)

3. Dan Dragan Skaric (Serbia) Bodo Eidmann (Germany)

2. Dan Vladimir Tabakovic (Serbia) Ahmad Shafei (Germany) Luo Kezhuang (Germany)

1. Dan Boris Lesjak (Slovenia) Orlando Zidar (Slovenia) Lane Novak (Slovenia) Branko Kordic (Slovenia) Nebojsa Presic (Serbia) Petar Mirkovic (Bosnia) Alexander Hoven (Germany) Pavel Gurevic (Germany) Julia Gerber (Germany) Susanne Reents (Germany) Karl Penzenstadler (Germany)