The 2nd Tendo World Seminar is over
The 2nd Tendo World Seminar is over
Nov. 9, 2012

Aiki is - the life force of the universe united with the ki of our little self.

A technique (waza) that originates by the unification of oneself with the universe is aikido. You harmonize your ki not only with your opponent, but with the life force of the universe.

I think everybody could feel the flow of his ki at this seminar location, the Kannon Onsen. In midst unspoiled nature Tendoryu members of all countries connected to one unity and it developed into a wonderful seminar. The landlady of the Kannon Onsen hotel and the employees admired the truly budo-minded spirit of all students.

I want to thank you very much for having come all the way from so afar. And I wish the feeling of this seminar will help you in your further training.

Shimizu Kenji