Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido Serbia
Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido Serbia
May 31, 2012

Tendoryu aikido in Serbia has a long 30 years history and a special importance for the people who had to witness the last civil war. This June article comes from Milan Velickovic (Miki), leader of the dojo in Novi Sad.

Dear aikido friends,

Three years ago, the first World Tendoryu aikido seminar took place in Japan. That event was the opportunity to get to know each other well and train together. I am looking forward for the Second World Tendoryu aikido seminar which will take place again this year in autumn, where hopefully we will meet again. For this occasion I am honored to briefly introduce Tendoryu aikido in Serbia and Tendoryu Seiunkan dojo in Novi Sad.

Serbia is a small country which lies north of the Balkan Peninsula. Once it was a part of Yugoslavia, which unhappily has broken by war in the nineties of last century.Yugoslavia was a beautiful country, rich in nature and full of diversity. But her fate was in the hands of those who did not know what aikido means. However, today many people are timidly recalling memories with nostalgia, remembering that country as a good in many ways.

Exactly 30 years passed since Shimizu Sensei held the first seminar in Yugoslavia. In that time Sensei actually has put a seed in the ground which 20 years later started to grow in nice plant. As for each plant, it needs clean water, fertile soil and sincere wish of leading people. For a period of 20 years we missed this third element.

Finally in 2002 the seed eventually started to grow into a healthy plant. Since then the plant needs more and more clean water so every year Shimizu Sensei is willing to teach us in Serbia. However, in order to become a strong root of the firm tree, the plant must be carefully cultivated, watered regularly, sometimes cut off the branches etc. During these ten years Tendoryu aikido in Serbia is developing well thanks to Sensei Shimizu and good will of all. Today, the Association counts six clubs with about 200 members. The Association has been recognized also by the Embassy of Japan in Belgrade which has donated 1200 m2 of new tatami mats to the Serbian Tendoryu.

One of the roots, also is the Tendoryu aikido Seiunkan dojo from Novi Sad. The dojo is founded in 2003. Together with some friends, lovers of aikido, I founded the club in which we can practice Tendoryu aikido. I am not sure whether the more necessary was skill or luck (probably both) to focus the enthusiasm of people in the right direction. Anyway, I am happy that now in Novi Sad about 40 senior and 30 junior members are taking a regular everyday classes.This year we had honour to organize a seminar with Shimizu Sensei and on this occasion a new name for our club was given by Shimizu Sensei.

The new name is Seiunkan dojo. Seiunkan name means "school of pure cloud" and symbolizes the constant movement, constant change. From a pure cloud can fall a pure rain that gives life a new chance. Everybody in the club is very proud of this new name and we are very thankful to Shimizu Sensei.

The saying says, "the purest water comes from a spring.". Sometimes it is necessary to make little effort to come to the spring for water. But that effort is not so difficult to achieve if we are keen to jointly take care that our plant become healthy and its fruits becomes delicious. My wish is that we all together make the effort to meet again in Japan in October, to learn together and enjoy the clean water from the spring.

Seiunkan Dojo Novi Sad

Milan Velickovic – Miki