Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Maribor / Slovenia
Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Maribor / Slovenia
Feb. 29, 2012

This month we learn from Iztok Šišernik about the development of the aikido club ‘Branik’ and how it came into existence.

Tendoryu Aikido Club presentation "Branik" of Maribor, Slovenia

by Iztok Šišernik

(GPS Coordinates: 46.56493, 15.64638)

In the beautiful medieval town of Maribor, which is the European capital of culture in 2012, and known for the Golden Fox skiing competition, on the mountain Pohorje (traditional international ski race for the Women's World Cup) - and known for the Lent Festival (which is the largest international intercultural festival in Slovenia) at the docks on the river Drava – here some enthusiast started 34 years ago exercising the at that time unknown martial art Aikido.The first contact has been established at a seminar in Rovinj in 1962, under the direction of Senta Yamada.

In 1978 organized training of Aikido started and the initiators Bogo Cerinšek, Max Petrič and Zlatan Dežman, with his tutor Mr. Niko Vrabl decided to get to know this new martial art, in the professional, as well as in the traditional sense. On 31 March 1981, this enthusiasm led to the establishment of an independent Club.

In 1982 (the summer seminar in Umag) we met with Kenji Shimizu Sensei and immediately joined his school, under his direction.Enough about the history. During all these years our Club developed into a modern institution and now we belong the recognized Tendoryu Aikido Schools.

In 2011 we moved from a fairly bad gym into a modern sports hall, dedicated to the martial sports. This new sports facility under the spectator gallery in the People's Garden Sports Center in Maribor, will enable us to organize international aikido seminars in the future.

Our club is organized in two groups, an adult group, with approximately thirty members, and a children's group from seventh years onwards.

Regularly we have participated in international seminars in Germany, Serbia, Italy and Japan. Also we organize seminars under the direction of Kenji Shimizu sensei, for which we will have better conditions in the future.

In 2010, two of our coaches (Iztok Šišernik and Bogo Cerinšek) obtained a teacher's certificate for TenDoRyu.

The Club is represented by: Bogo Cerinšek (Vice-President), Iztok Šišernik (Vice-President) and Igor Nahtigal (the President) - photo top left, from l. to r.

If in the future you pass through Maribor, you are kindly invited to attend our training sessions.

For more information about the club and our lovely city go to our web site: