Introducing: Seishinkan - Hamburg
Introducing:  Seishinkan - Hamburg
Jan. 31, 2012

This is the second piece of a series planned until October, when we will have the 2nd Tendo World Seminar. Each month we would like to give one dojo the chance to introduce itself. This time Eckhardt Hemkemeier will tell us about his dojo the Seishinkan in Hamburg/Germany.

Portrait of Aikido Dojo Seishinkan (Hamburg)

by Eckhardt Hemkemeier

In the year 2000 a small group of people founded the club 'Aikido Dojo Seishinkan'.

Actually we did not want burocracy in the form of federations or clubs, but we wanted Shimizu Sensei as a teacher and participate in Tendoryu-Aikido seminars. Our club eventually joined the federation of Hamburg; by doing so we were affiliated to the tad. This meant we could participate in seminars with Shimizu Sensei all over Germany.

Shimizu Sensei even honored us by visiting our small dojo, which was a subtenant of a karate group at that time.

In 2003 - with the help of members and supporters of the club - we were able to open the new Seishinkan. At that time Shimizu Sensei visited us again and his son Kenta who accompanied him even mentioned that the atmosphere remembered him of Tendokan.

In this spirit the dojo grew fast up to 80 members.

Regularly we host seminars with teachers and students from all over the world. Guests from Japan, China, Russia, Scandinavia and Central Europe often enjoy staying for some time.

On the occation of our 10th Anniversary in 2010 Shimizu Sensei and his son Wakasensei were teaching at the Seishinkan. Afterwards we had a big party in a close by Chinese restaurant with lots of treats.

Hamburg is always worth the trip. And with all the hospitable Tendoryu Aikidoka from Hamburg it is a must see.

Even more we are looking forward meeting our friends from all over the world in Japan. Only 10 more months until the Tendo World Seminar 2012 at Kannon Onsen, Shimoda / Izu.

Here we would like to thank Shimizu Sensei again to have given our dojo the name Seishinkan, and for his long lasting support and activity in Germany.

You will be warmly welcomed at Seishinkan.