Summer 2011 – Shimizu Sensei in Germany and Italy
Summer 2011 – Shimizu Sensei in Germany and Italy
Sept. 30, 2011

The weather meant it well - blue skies and high temperatures.

In both weeks of Herzogenhorn you had again the opportunity to work on your technique and deepen your understanding of aikido – thanks to Shimizu Sensei’s demonstrations and explanations. Additionally on Tuesday and Thursday morning, before breakfast, everybody could learn from Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu what’s important for a good ukemi. He gave many hints on how to improve your way to take a fall. It was early in the morning, but nevertheless everybody accepted this challenge and participated. And later in the classes that followed with Shimizu Sensei you could try to apply what you have learned before.

Directly after Herzogenhorn there was a weekend seminar in Bad Säckingen, an idyllic little town right next to the Swiss border. The first class on Saturday was taught by Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu, sort of opening the seminar before Shimizu Sensei took over.

The last station in Europe was Milano. It was the first Tendoryu seminar in Italy and for most of the Italian participants the first opportunity to experience Shimizu Sensei in person. Full of concentration and enthusiastically was everybody then during practice on the tatami: beginners and advanced students, members from Italy, Germany, Serbia, Belgium and Slovenia (photo).

Tendokan (Birgit)