Jan. 1, 2019

by Alfredo Corona

Tendoryu aikido in Mexico resulted directly from the interest of a group of Mexicans wanting to know more about its founder, Shimizu Sensei. Two of the four founders travelled to the German 'black forest' in 1997, with the intention of learning more about Tendoryu aikido. On this trip, they not only visited several Tendoryu aikido dojos in Europe but were invited to participate in a five days intensive seminar with shihan Kenji Shimizu. The link between Shimizu Sensei and Mexico was born in this seminar, and thus began a group authorized to develop a school in Mexico authorized directly by the founder. Twenty one years later, that link remains vital and robust and has been strengthened, bearing as fruit the international seminar November 2018. This is a testimony of the fact that the trust the founder has placed on us, as a country, is requited.

by Lorena Fortolís

During my short journey in Aikido, I've had the opportunity to attend seminars in Japan and in other countries, and every time the experience was not just about improving technically and mentally, but turned up to be a journey about spiritual grow. The kindness and generosity of our hosts, the friendships and brotherhoods woven inside and outside the tatami and the magical moments achieved with every experience that enriched our lives.

Last November we hosted a seminar in Mexico; Shimisu Sensei, Waka Sensei and our friends and colleagues from around the world, visited our country. What a great gift it is to share, not only the Aikido practice, but also to have the opportunity to give back a little of what we have received, to share what we love of Mexico and best of all, that our students and classmates who can not travel, have had at home the experience of an international seminar with such great teachers. This seminar was full of beautiful moments, gave us good Aikido advice and corrections, incredible anecdotes and stories of Shimizu Sensei which have lead us to enhance what we do in each Keiko. Everything seems to be ephemeral, but upon return to our daily life, we can see the renewed spirit in every student and partner, a renewed enthusiasm for continued learning with more attention and commitment, and the understanding, that all we lived and shared, marked and illuminated more clearly the path that we still travel. Thank you for this beautiful seminar that was as warm as the Mexican sun.

Hugs Lorena