The Tides of Body and Mind
The Tides of Body and Mind
April 21, 2017

by Dr. Olaf Müller

The oscillations of the water level at coasts and tidal rivers are affected all over the world by the position of the moon and the sun. The magnitude of these oscillations is determined by the shape of the sea floor. You will find this natural principle also in Tendoryu Aikido.

Shimizu Sensei teaches that body and mind define the movement. The combined movement of shite and uke appears effortless and harmonious to the observer. The mind always exists in connection with a body. Body and mind are formed by practice and shaped by attitude.

To continuously break the balance of uke the oscillation of the combined movements must be at a maximum. The energy of this tidal sequence controls the whole movement. The absorption of the attack appears gentle, the flow of the combined forces calm and steadily and the immobilization or throw powerful.

To experience these tides there are no words necessary, they might even be obstructive. The dialog happens through sensation, realization and training. For this reason all aikidoka use the same approach to practice.

These characteristics are a strength of Tendoryu Aikido. It is on us to take advantage of these characteristics and experience it with joy.