Why NPO tendo world aikido . . .
Aug. 28, 2010

Two years have passed since the NPO tendo world aikido has been established. Shortly referred to as twa.

In the beginning I often was asked following questions. Why is such an organization necessary? What will happen to the membership fees? What are our advantages?

But actually I thought differently. I had hoped the members would think about how they can contribute to the twa. Since 1978, that is for 32 years I am travelling now to Europe to teach Aikido.

All other aikido styles already have set up international organizations. For the Tendoryu Aikido it wasn't necessary for the last 30 years. Now however an organization with membership fees has become necessary. Take it as an authorisation to use the name 'Tendoryu'.

I would like to give an example. It happened 2007 in Serbia after the aikido class. I was approached by someone, an aikido teacher (4.Dan) of another style and he asked me. "Since so many years I am participating in your seminars and I am taught by you. So why will I am not be graded by you? Not even the 1.Dan I get from you? Why?" My answer was. "You are not a student of Tendoryu Aikido. It is a condition for grading, that you belong to the Tendoryu group."

At that time I felt the necessity to establish a system where you can join as a member. The members of the NPO tendo world aikido organisation support Tendoryu Aikido among other things by their membership fees; are allowed to use the name 'Tendoryu' and can be graded. In addition there are special, advantageous conditions for members, when they come to Japan to the Tendokan for practice.

I wish you a pleasant beginning of autumn Shimizu Kenji

Tokyo 28. Aug. 2010